Brisbane house prices are forecast to rise faster than Sydney and Melbourne over the next three years, a BIS Oxford Economics study found. Photo: Tammy Law

Residential property is the most valuable asset that most people will ever own in their life and right now property is more affordable and more powerful than ever before.

Creating wealth through property starts with just one property and all of our clients or someone they know have bought a home which has gone up in value over time. But the moment you have two properties, you have a portfolio which is a powerful tool for greater financial security and a whole lot more.

Our Program is working with clients right across Australia to deliver them the benefits of successful property investment including:

  • Reducing their tax and taking home more net pay every week without working more;
  • Reducing their mortgage and owning their own home years sooner, saving tens of thousands of dollars; and
  • Building a passive property portfolio to increase their net wealth, deliver more income and gain greater financial security.

With the volatility of other asset classes right now and super low interest rates, investing in property has never been more affordable, nor has it ever been so important for our core clients, working Australian families.

Here are just some of the reasons why property deserves your attention right now:

  • Super low interest rates means that purchasing a new property is more affordable than ever before. Whether you are buying a new home, your first investment property, or topping up your property portfolio, the banks are offering super low interest rates which you should be taking advantage of right now.
  • Cash flow positive properties means you can invest without impacting your cash flows or your current lifestyles. Due to super low interest rates and the strong rental yields across our communities, your brand new investment property could be cash flow positive. This means you can own a second property and have a portfolio and it will not cost you anything on a weekly basis.
  • Increase your net wealth through a Program that will deliver you the benefits of successful property investment. Through the increased net income of tax benefits and strong rental yield, your can pay off your mortgage and other debts sooner. The combination of equity growth and debt reduction means your wealth grows faster.
  • Buy now and experience strong growth over the next few years as the property sector outperforms other asset classes due to economic conditions. In the years following the GFC and other market downturns the residential property market in Australia has outperformed all other asset classes. This is because more people put their money into tangible assets which are safe and secure and deliver income.
  • Australia needs 40 percent more rental properties over the next 10 years than it did over the past 10 years which means off the back of supply shortages after the coronavirus which will drive price growth, there will continue to be very strong demand and rental yield through property investment.

But low rates and strong yields are just part of the story. Let us show you right now why you should consider building a passive property portfolio to help you get the most of your own personal circumstances and achieve your most desired lifetime outcomes.

Don’t let short term obstacles and fear of failure get in the way of your lifetime goals.

To learn more about how we are responding to the market, record low interest rates, super strong yielding investments, or paying your home off sooner, please contact us for more – in-home, phone or Zoom (Skype) appointments available.


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