One of the huge benefits of property investment is mortgage reduction and the potential to reduce your tax and take home more pay while at the same time building wealth for your retirement.

Building wealth is achieved through acquiring growth assets and paying down debt.  A sustainable investment program will build a passive property portfolio which, while growing in value over time, produces increased cash flow through valuable tax benefits and rent, to offset and pay down the mortgage on your home.

Everyone has different circumstances, so its important to get professional advice and have a personalised structure set up which allows you to monitor progress over time and keep personal goals on track.

The FRD investment program

Owning an investment home through FRD is more than just purchasing an investment property. We offer a unique approach to property investment which includes up to nine years of rent and dedicated property management.  It’s a proven program, currently helping thousands of working Australian families achieve their financial goals and look forward to comfortable retirement:

  • Rent is paid weekly for up to nine years which ensures more money into an offset account helping to reduce interest payments and the mortgage faster
  • An ITWV (income tax withholding variation) is put in place to ensure tax benefits join rent in the offset account
  • We look at each client’s personal finances to ensure a good structure for the most efficient debt reduction process
  • FRD properties are a newly built so they can be depreciated for tax purposes
  • We can refinance current mortgages or consolidate other debts to our clients are receiving the best interest rate.
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