There are many reasons why you should build a passive property portfolio but here are the Five Good Reasons our clients have chosen to invest in property through the We Build Futures and our P4 :: Performance Plus Property Program.

1 – We develop great homes in great areas

We Build Futures and our P4 :: Performance Plus Property Program is part of the FRD Group which includes FRD Homes. We are an established residential developer and builder that have been involved in the development, sales and management of more than 40 residential communities over the past 14 years.

As the developer and builder we can ensure we are developing communities and homes in emerging growth areas close to parks, education, employment and transport which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the market at the right price.

2 – We offer a unique P4 :: Performance Plus Property Program which helps you achieve your goals

Our P4 :: Performance Plus Property Program works with everyday Australians to help them achieve the benefits of successful property investment. This is an integrated investment program which takes care of all those things investors worry about when buying a property.

Our Program offers you a brand new house and land package in an emerging growth area for long term growth and return. Our homes come with up to 9 years secured rent through a RTA agreement and dedicated property management including inspection reports, and routine repairs and maintenance for peace of mind.

Our preferred partners in mortgage broking and accounting also give you the benefit of expert lending and tax effective advice to help you achieve your goals.

3 – Our Program will help you reduce your tax and take home more pay

Investing in property will help you reduce the amount of tax you pay each year through negative gearing. The costs associated with owning an investment alongside the depreciation of the home will give you tax deductions which will help reduce your tax and may deliver you a healthy tax return each year.

Better still and as part of our Program our preferred accountant will help you lodge an income tax withholding variation form to the Tax Office (ITWV) which allows you to get those valuable tax dollars back in your pay packet each week (so you don’t have to wait until the end of the year). This extra cash flow, alongside our secured rent, will help you fund your new property so it does not affect your lifestyle.

4 – Our Program will help you reduce your mortgage and own your home sooner

Investing in property will provide you with extra cash flows into your budget. Valuable cash flows delivered through secured weekly rent and tax benefits can be used to help reduce your mortgage and pay off your own home sooner.

Our preferred mortgage broking partner can work with you to put in place a mortgage reduction program where these valuable extra cash flows can offset your current mortgage, reducing the impact of interest on you loan and helping you pay off your home sooner (often without increasing your standard repayments).

5 – Our Program helps build a passive property portfolio for life

Investing in property can be time consuming and stress to many first timers and or even the most experienced investor. Our Program however is fully integrated and designed to help you build a passive property portfolio which gives you peace of mind without all the run around.

Our team is here to working on your property portfolio so you don’t have to. We take the worry and the stress out of research, development and construction, lending, management and keeping up to date with changes in the market.

A brand new property with secured rent and dedicated management including routine repairs and maintenance is just the beginning of a Program designed to help you achieve the benefits of successful property investment.

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